Anal exploration with eager CFNM schoolgirls

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There’s nothing worse then being captured by CFNM schoolgirls who have no inhibitions at all, this poor guy has had their attention for some time now and they have moved on from spanking him and teasing his balls to exploring his back entrance. For now they’re just teasing him, but he saw some of the sex toys the CFNM chicks were brandishing as well as a bottle of lube and is expecting a hard anal invasion at any moment now, they’re just making him sweat and are taking their sweet time.

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Four playful CFNM schoolgirls jerking a guy off

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Today’s CFNM assignment is a very easy one for these four schoolgirls, they’re to make a guy cum. He’s got a great reputation for holding it in, but with four sets of hands working on his bait and tackle there’s no way he can last for a long time. In fact, he was ready to blow after ten minutes, but these four playful CFNM schoolgirls have decided to punish him for wasting their time by denying him his cum explosion with a firm grip at the base of his dick.

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Glass toy for tight male ass at the CFNM school

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These CFNM schoolgirls are really feeling playful and they’ve got some new things they want to try out with their boy toy, they have gotten their hands on new glass toys and want to work them out before using the toys on themselves, and a tight male ass seems to be the easiest way to get the toy ready for a pussy. In these CFNM schoolgirls videos you can check out the action with four chicks surrounding a single guy and toying with his balls and dick before slamming the toy down his back entrance unexpectedly as he was about to blow his load.

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Skinny guy likes playing naughty CFNM games with schoolgirls

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It was not just another regular CFNM game these naughty schoolgirls were playing with a skinny guy. Not only they have made him take all of his clothes off and masturbate for them, they wanted his cum in a cup. So as he started moaning while working his cock out, one of the girls brought him a cup he was supposed to fill up with cum. It didn’t take long for all of them to realize that this was not going to be just another CFNM game in a doctor’s office.

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Perverted schoolgirls go anal during a CFNM exams

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These three CFNM schoolgirls just couldn’t help themselves, they found a submissive guy who didn’t dare talk back to them as they made up all kinds of tests for him, even when they told him to bend over and spread his legs he was quick to obey, so they reached for a cold metal toy and shoved it down his ass just to see what will happen. Yes, he is straight, but the mini skirt CFNM slut stroked his chest and dick while the other two babes played with his back entrance and he was ready to shoot his load in no time.

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