Teacher and CFNM schoolgirls bust into male showers

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These schoolgirls were itching for a CFNM release and since they did so well on their math tests their strict teacher decided to reward them by letting them storm the male shower room. She made sure the water is cold and the guys were naked before they busted in, and boy, were there lots of humiliated male faces, the cold water has done it’s work and all of those dicks were small and trying to shrink even further under the teasing prods from the girls who just don’t know when to quit.

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Hot nurses making guys feel uncomfortable

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The entire class has to be medically examined, but instead of separating guys and girls these CFNM nurses are bossing the guys around and are making them take their clothes off and show everything they have. That’s not too much judging by these CFNM photos, but to be honest, the guys were scared silly of the dominant blond nurse because they heard that the guys who annoy her get to have a rectal exam, and that she won’t be gentle at all during that exam.

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Anal exploration with eager CFNM schoolgirls

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There’s nothing worse then being captured by CFNM schoolgirls who have no inhibitions at all, this poor guy has had their attention for some time now and they have moved on from spanking him and teasing his balls to exploring his back entrance. For now they’re just teasing him, but he saw some of the sex toys the CFNM chicks were brandishing as well as a bottle of lube and is expecting a hard anal invasion at any moment now, they’re just making him sweat and are taking their sweet time.

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Perverted sleep over with horny CFNM schoolgirls

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It’s usually the guys that are making trouble with boy/girl bunk houses, but this time it’s the perverted CFNM schoolgirls that are the main cause of concern, they’re walking around in their undies and night gowns while the boys aren’t allowed to have anything on, they get to parade their naked dicks, even if they are not too impressive in size, that just makes the CFNM schoolgirls giggle more and poke fun at them, they even grab a few cocks and jerk them off just for the fun of it.

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Naked boy feels uncomfortable with sexy clothed ladies

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Being nude in a doctor’s office with three sexy ladies was uncomfortable for a shy guy, because it all looked like a CFNM schoolgirls scene from some movies he watched, where guys were molested in this kind of situations. Girls liked him a lot and did their best to make him relax and enjoy their presence. After a while this CFNM situation wasn’t so bad at all, because he realized that some girls get horny when see shy nude guys like he is. It was a special day in a doctor’s office.

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